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Transpersonal Psychotherapy


Body oriented Therapy

The body phenomena in psychotherapy is often excluded by most psychotherapists. Yet the body is intrinsic to the self and related to our emotions and life events. 

Body arts like Yoga, martial arts, Feldenkrais and Alexander techniques and Rolfing, to name a few, have long been known to help in healing both at the physical and emotional levels. In fact, there is connection between the two and that connection when explored in therapy, can lead to powerful and deep changes in one's psyche. 

Khursheed offers Yoga and Bioenergetic healing to those wanting a more body-oriented healing approach in therapy through individual separate sessions or add-ons to the psychotherapy sessions as needed.

Are you feeling stuck, not sure what to do and seeking answers to areas in your personal and professional life?
Individual therapy helps you –

  • understand your particular patterns of behaviour, habits and coping

  • change those habits to gain greater control over self

  • heal from past traumas or abuse

  • develop coping strategies and skills for challenges with your career, family, and relationships

  • self growth and delving into existential questions


 Using various methods to help one develop new attitudes towards all of life’s most complex matters, Holistic therapy is an excellent way to get clarity on the underlying patterns of behaviour, relational dynamics one is facing and creating a life filled with greater meaning and satisfaction.

Psychology Session
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