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Reflections in Solitude 1~ Truth that Liberates


Life passing by like the song of a bird…but we dont have time to hear that song or to fly.

So are we here to learn to FLY on wings we don’t know we even have?

This irresistible search for meaning with no navigator to find our way home. But is there a home? Really, is there any place “home”? or is it just a feeling within? Is that what all the sages try to make one realize? Ramana Maharshi – his main question came down to asking one’s Self – “Who Am I?”

No matter how far i went with that- it kept ending at – my body with some thoughts and many feelings.

Buddha spoke of the 5 skandhaas – form, feeling, perception, mental formation or volition in order to understand the “NOT SELF” and to overcome the emotional disturbances of hope and fear in order to reach a state of equanimity and ultimately state of “Nirvana” or end of the wheel of life after life, among many other things.

Upanishads speak of a higher reality – Brahman and through meditating on the nature of self (the atman) one comes to be one with or realize one IS Brahman. And how one can learn to be in the world in a manner without getting attached thereby not create more “karma”. Again with the final freedom from samsara or attaining Moksha.

But i go back yet again, drawn to Krishnamurti’s clear in-your-face approach to understanding life – he denounced all religions of trying to control and of making more fools of us humans than we already are or care to admit. And insisted we each rely ONLY on our own selves to really look closely at and observe reality- of our thoughts, of the process of consciousness, our conditioning and the utter chaos our minds(and often our lives) are in – reflected back in the world at large around us.

He spoke of a Freedom that is found in the choice less awareness of our daily existence and activity. Observe, he said, go deeply Sir, as he often would say, “to come upon truth the mind must be completely free, without a spot of distortion.” 

A Freedom beyond the bondage of Time and Consciousness as we know it and one beyond opposites.

Towards that Freedom…

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