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Why are we here? Keep on travelling, my friend !

Is the rat race worth our short time on this earth? So many humans caught in the vicious cycle of making money in order to be able to live a life of ‘comfort’, ‘luxury’ or to simply ‘survive’ and largely provide for one’s own family.

So much advertising focused on making us more dependent on material objects as means of happiness. And there’s no denying we all buy into it eyes wide open!

And yet each of us yearns to have those holidays /getaways where we can truly relax and just BE. When we slow down, relax and actually take time to reflect on our lives and where we are heading or would like to head…and ponder on what will actually give meaning to our lives.

Maybe that’s the reason why so many of us love travelling to distant and far off places and cultures more connected with nature – mountains and oceans lure us perhaps as way to travel within and discover the deepest, innermost recesses of our minds and to reach the highest parts of our souls.

Do you too love travel? Is your list of “places to see before I die” ready yet?!

What will truly satisfy you? What have you always wanted to do but never believed could be done?

It’s time to take that trip, my friend !

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