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Into the Light

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

“Without going outside, You may know the world. Without looking through the window, You may see the ways of heaven.” –Tao Te Ching

Life takes us through various terrains and landscapes – some green and easy to ride through. Others, more challenging and choppy oceans to cross.

Often we share these with significant others and more often, we sail through alone. Through such times when we find ourselves alone, we often wish there were that one person who could guide and point the way into more happy times once more.

That one person could be a friend, a mentor or even a compassionate stranger. Yet the best of friend, most knowledgeable of mentors and the warmest stranger you meet may not be able to give you the answers that you seek. Simply because, they are not you! The more you understand your SELF, the more authentic the answers will unfold.

… towards that journey within, let us take one step.


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