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First Principle of Change – SELF IMAGE


Self Image = Mental + Spiritual picture of yourself 

It is the key to Personality and Behaviour and eventually to achieving Success.

Self image creates a NEW Personality.


By changing the image of yourself, you change your behaviour and eventually your personality.

Your Self image sets the outline for your individual accomplishments and achievements, thus leading to a sense of success, not just material, but emotional and intellectual sense of satisfaction and happiness.

As you expand it, you expand the area of “possibility”. Meaning, with each area of self image you work on, you lead the way towards expanding the boundaries of what you can accomplish in life, both personally and professionally.

Psychology talks of many kinds of ‘personality types’ – Type A, type B, “Happiness-prone” and “unhappiness-prone” personalities, introvert and extrovert personality and many more.

Often these differences are so, largely due to experience – the experience you had in your past, is the key factor in building of your particular self image. It also can be the key to achieve change in you. Our present state of self-confidence is the result of what we have “experienced rather than what we learned intellectually. A child can be told about love or kindness or any other quality but only if the child has experienced love and kindness grows into a healthy, happy, well-adjusted adult.

 Experience is hence one important factor in the formation of ones’ self image.

But what if you have few or no memories of experiencing positive or successful experiences from his past?

Well, the second factor and one of the secret and oft under-utilized gifts I believe we as humans possess – namely, IMAGINATION comes to our rescue !

Experimental psychologists have proved that the human brain cannot tell the difference between and “actual” experience and one imagined vividly and in detail.  Such a “synthetic” experience can improve skills, overcome fears, or help strike that deal you so desperately want! Your nervous system reacts according to what you think or imagine to be true.

Imagination can actually be the key that unlocks your ability to Experience Happiness!

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