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logic vs Imagination
An important condition for change in personality or transformation at any level is VISUALIZING.Imagination can help you achieve your best ideal “self” if you can form a picture in your imagination of the self you want to be and “see yourself” in that new role.

In a San Francisco study, Dr. Harry Grayson and Dr. Leonard Olinger took 45 men hospitalized as neuropsychiatric. “The patients were first given the usual personality test. Then they were asked flatly to take the test a second time and answer the questions as they would if they were ‘a typical, well-adjusted person on the outside.’ 75% of them turned in improved test performances and some of the changes for the better were dramatic, the psychologists reported.”

But in order for these men to answer the questions, they had to imagine how a typical well adjusted person would act. In short, they had to IMAGINE themselves in the role of a well adjusted person.

Our current self image was built from our own pictures of ourselves form the past that grew in turn from our interpretations and evaluations of the experiences we had growing up. So you can similarly use the same way to build the desired self image.

Not everyone can visualize clear mental images, but regular training of the imagination can do wonders.

Some tips to build imagination:

  1. Find and look at photos of what you want to achieve, and then close your eyes, and try to see it in your imagination. This will enhance your visualization ability.

  2. Try and use all the senses during runs of imagining desired outcome-thus you can visualize a sound, taste, smell or a sensation or better still, include all 5 senses during a visualization.

  3. Select a creative activity such as writing, drawing, painting as that will start the flow of imagination

  4. When it comes to building a more positive self image, remember also to see yourself acting and reacting appropriately, successfully and in the manner desired.Imagine how it would feel if you were already the kind of person you want to be. For example if you are fearful in certain situations, visualize and see yourself acting calmly with confidence in that situation. Such visualization involving feelings will result in building new memories in your brain – remember, “the human brain cannot tell the difference between and “actual” experience and one imagined vividly and in detail.”

After repeated practise, just as the negative self image formed earlier, so too will your new positive and desired self image and personality trait come about spontaneously and effortlessly.

So go ahead, play with your imagination – after all you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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